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Giant Slides for Sale from Rainbow Inflatables

Giant slides for hire

Giant slides provide some great entertainment for both kids and adults. If you are looking for giant slides for sale, you will find what you need from Rainbow Inflatables. Rainbow Inflatables is a reputable manufacturer of inflatable equipment, including some giant inflatable slides for sale to choose from.

For more information about the giant slides or other inflatable products available from Rainbow Inflatables, contact us today. We will send you a brochure of all the inflatable equipment for sale and for hire. Get the best giant slide for your kids entertainment needs from Rainbow Inflatables.

Giant slides for hire


Trust the leading inflatable equipment manufacturers in town

Rainbow Inflatables have been in the inflatable equipment business for many years, and have built a large client base. When it comes to buying or renting an inflatable product such as a jumping castle, giant slide, inflatable climbing wall etc., there's no better service provide than Rainbow Inflatables. Here's why you should make use of Rainbow Inflatables to buy or hire your giant slide:
  • Range of inflatable equipment: We boast an exceptional range of inflatable equipment for sale / for hire, including a selection of giant slides for sale. This means that you will likely find the perfect product for your party, fundraiser, school function or social event from Rainbow Inflatables. Our team will also advise you on suitable products for your specific needs.
  • Quality inflatable products: Quality is an essential factor when buying a giant slide. You can expect to quality products manufactured from strong material. Stringent quality control measures are applied to ensure consistent quality in the manufacturing process of our inflatables.
  • Competitive prices: Although purchasing an inflatable equipment might seem a bit costly, it is definitely a good investment. Rainbow Inflatables offer competitive and cost-effective prices on our inflatable goods - get a quote today on the giant slide for sae that you wish to purchase.
  • Professional service: Anther reason why you can trust the team from Rainbow Inflatables, is because we offer a professional service. You can expect our team members to be helpful, and any deliveries to be on time.

Get a giant slides for sale from Rainbow Inflatables

Contact us today for more information about our inflatable giant slides for sale, or other inflatable equipment. Rainbow Inflatables is a top choice of inflatable equipment manufacturers, and will ensure you get the best product for your needs, at a price that fits your budget.


Giant Inflatable Slides 

Browse through our product gallery to see samples of our giant slides, jumping castles, climbing walls, inflatable games, gladiators, space rockets and many more. Rainbow Inflatables also offer mechanical bulls and surfboards for sale or for hire - ideal for parties, fundraisers and team building events.