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Climbing Walls in South Africa

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Climbing Walls 

In contrast to so many sports introduced into the school system these days, climbing walls hold a lot more benefits for children than simply the play-factor. For example, its main benefit involves getting children fit while they are playing. Most children hate sport activities because they are so incredibly unfit. With climbing walls, children are actually getting some exercise without realizing it because they are having so much fun. It has been scientifically proven that most kids have remarkable strength-to-weight ratios, which subsequently make them amazing natural climbers; hence the introduction of climbing walls.

Unlike a popular myth suggests, climbing walls are not only for adults anymore. Climbing walls are truly a sport to be practiced by all ages. It would come as a surprise to most parents that climbing the climbing walls from a young age not only help to boost their confidence levels, but also proves as a fun alternative for children to stay fit while still having fun. No matter how the body of your child might look, he or she can still participate on climbing walls. Very few other sports can say this, seeing as you need to have an athletic built for most of them in order to reach the top. Climbing walls also require no experience or skill level whatsoever to participate. 


Climbing Wall Inflatables 

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Quality Inflatable Climbing Walls by Rainbow Inflatables

Rainbow Inflatables offers climbing walls to be hired for any children’s event or party. You can choose from a wide range of climbing walls depending on the age of the children who will climb it. Through our experience, we can assure you that your children will be able to discover this wonderful sport in a comfortable and safe environment.

A staff member of ours who understands how to operate the climbing walls will accompany the product. This person will be responsible to look after the safety of your children. Something that will give you as parents even more peace of mind is the fact that safety harnesses are strapped around the body of those participating. Climbing walls, including their modular panels, are extremely durable, which means that it is a quality product that can be trusted. Rainbow Inflatables is a leading manufacturer of inflatable climbing walls. We manufacture top quality inflatable climbing walls, and a wide range of other inflatable equipment. Contact us for more information today.