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Kids Inflatables for sale in Gauteng

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Jumping Castles for  hire

The industry of entertainment has taken on a paradigm shift in terms of fun, excitement and above all – safety and affordability with the innovative design of various types of kids inflatables for sale in Gauteng.

Gone are the days of having to pay an entertainer such as a clown or a magician to try and keep the children entertained for hours, or a pony that eventually causes havoc to your lawn.  A new era has been booming throughout the kids’ entertainment industry called the inflatable toy.

Inflatable toys are basically oversized toys such as castles, balls and water slides that are kept inflated with air to produce a 3 dimensional trampoline.  The main feature of a jumping castle is for children (and adults) to jump around weightlessly inside this inflated toy.

Jumping Castles for sale and for hire


With the rapid growth in popularity of inflatable toys, there are now many companies offering kids inflatables for sale in Gauteng that can be used for birthday parties, family get together, festivals and any other function where children are involved.  A inflatable toy has been proven to be the product that keeps the children entertained for the entire day, thereby also giving all parents and care givers the change to put their feet up and relax.

There are many types of kids inflatables for sale in Gauteng making this invention the most versatile product on the market.  Options range from different colours, themes, sizes and types to be able to bring entertainment to any type of party or themed get-together that you might be planning.

We also have a themed jumping castle range

Harry Potter Jumping Castle for hire Spiderman Jumping Castle for sale Winnie the Pooh Jumping Castle for hire
John Cena Jumping Castle for sale Ben 10 Jumping Castle for hire Princess Jumping Castle for sale
A reputable company offering kids inflatables for sale in Gauteng will far surpass lesser known companies as they would offer additional features including the following:
  • They would more often than not manufacture the kids inflatables themselves, having better control over the strict health & safety conditions than when it was purchased from an outside source.
  • A reputable supplier of kids inflatables for sale in Gauteng will discuss your needs in terms of amount of children, weather conditions, budget, theme and type of party with you prior to giving you a quotation, to therewith make sure that you will be entirely satisfied with the purchase.  A lesser known inflatable supplier might just stock the product on the shelf and let you make your own decision, which might not be the best decision as you will not have any former experience with the product.
  • A reputable company would include transportation, delivery, setting up and maintenance of the product at no extra charge.
Rainbow Inflatables has been deemed one of the most reputable suppliers of inflatables and offer a wide range of kids inflatables for sale in Gauteng.  Phone us at (016) 454-8204 or send us an enquiry for us to assist you with selecting the best possible product for your needs.

Jumping castles for sale in Johannesburg – Rainbow Inflatables

Are you looking for a trusted supplier of jumping castles for sale in Johannesburg or other Gauteng area? Rainbow Inflatables offers an extensive range of jumping castles for sale to customers in Johannesburg and the rest of Gauteng, at very competitive prices! Buying a jumping castle is a long term investment – whether you want to rent it out, use it for corporate functions and events, or use in for fundraising events, a jumping castle is great value for money when it comes to kids entertainment. Rainbow Inflatables offers jumping castles for sale in various designs, sizes and styles. View our range of jumping castles for sale and for hire in Johannesburg on our website, or contact us today for more information.

Inflatables for hire/sale in Johannesburg and Gauteng

In addition to offering jumping castles for sale in Johannesburg, Rainbow Inflatables also sells and rents other giant inflatable toys to customers across Gauteng. This includes inflatable products like giant slides, inflatable climbing walls, inflatable gladiator games and more. Long gone are the days of plain jumping castles with such a wide variety of different inflatable designs available! Rainbow Inflatables even offers a range of themed jumping castes fir hire / sale including Ben10, Spiderman, Princess themes and more.

Uses and benefits of buying jumping castles for sale in Johannesburg

Jumping castles for sale in Johannesburg are bought for many different reasons and uses including:

  • School fundraising events: Jumping castles create an amazing opportunity for school fundraising events. One option is to buy your own jumping castle, which over time will be paid off allowing you to generate a return on investment when arranging fundraising events. The other option is to contact Rainbow Inflatables regarding one of our fundraising options where we supply you with a sufficient amount of jumping castles and other inflatables at a fixed per person rate, on which you can then add your price to make a profit. Read more about our fundraising events.
  • Corporate functions and social events: When buying jumping castles for sale in Johannesburg from Rainbow Inflatables for your company, you will no longer need to hire jumping castles for social and corporate events to keep the children entertained. Buying a jumping castle for this purpose in certainly a long term investment.
  • Renting out your jumping castle: You can also buy jumping castles for the purposes of renting them out to the public to generate an income.

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