Friday, March 01, 2024
Mechanical Bulls and Surfboards

Host a Party with a Difference – Hire a Mechanical Bull in Durban

Mechanical Bulls and Surboards for hire and for sale 

The weather of Durban is such that it allows you to hold parties year round. If you are hosting a party anytime soon and want it to be unique and fun-filled, consider mechanical bull for hire in Durban. It can be a great way to get your friends participate in a fun activity and laugh through the party as they get tossed around.  To get the bull, all you need to do is call Rainbow Inflatables, which is one of the leading manufacturers of this equipment in Durban.


Everyone wants to ride a bull

We have all seen cowboys riding bulls on television. With our mechanical bull for hire in KwaZulu Natal, you can give your guests a chance to experience this first-hand. Also, do not forget to take a few snaps of your friends when they make some inadvertent funny faces as they ride the mechanical bull. You could share these pictures with them later or just upload them on your social networking site to let the world know the amount of fun you had. You could even make bull riding a competition, where you time each of the contestants and announce a winner in the end.

Riding a mechanical bull need not be a risky game

You might be worried that your guests might get injured as they are thrown off the bull. To put this risk to rest, hire a shallow inflatable water tank or a huge inflatable cushion to surround your mechanical bull. So, now even if your guest is tossed off, he is sure to land on a soft surface and continue with the giggles.

For kids, you always have the speed control where you can make the bull jerk a little softer. The one thing that you must bear in mind is that you do not give the speed controls to any child. Your safety is always the first priority at Rainbow Inflatables and the mechanical bull for hire in Durban is well-padded to keep you out of danger.

To make your next party a hit among your friends, call Rainbow Inflatables for mechanical bull for hire in KwaZulu Natal.