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Used Jumping Castles for sale in Gauteng

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Jumping Castles for  hire

Within any industry, whenever a product has been used by any former person, the product is considered ‘used’ which is another term for ‘second hand’.  This even applies to furniture items on display at a furniture store.  The sheer fact that it is out of its packaging and available for prospective buyers to touch, sit on and experience, renders it ‘used’ and only to be sold at a reduced price.  Strange enough, the same applies to showroom vehicles. As an inflatable company offers many of their jumping castles for rent, after it had been rented out and the owner want to sell it, he would have to offer it as used jumping castles for sale.

Jumping Castles for sale and for hire


A jumping castle being offered as a used jumping castle for sale does not mean that it has been damaged or abused though.  Within any jumping castle rental agreement, the following clauses will be included to ensure that the quality of the jumping castle remains the same as when it was manufactured.  Here are a few clauses regarding risks, hazards of use and important terms of use:

  • Adult supervision to be available at all times.
  • Only a stipulated amount of children to make use of the jumping castle at a time.
  • Adherence to stipulated age groups allowed to use the jumping castle.
  • Protective floor covering outside the jumping castle area.
  • Proper clearance areas around the jumping castle.
  • The blower, anchors and electricity inlet being restricted areas.

We also have a themed jumping castle range

Harry Potter Jumping Castle for hire Spiderman Jumping Castle for sale Winnie the Pooh Jumping Castle for hire
John Cena Jumping Castle for sale Ben 10 Jumping Castle for hire Princess Jumping Castle for sale

If a client purchases a jumping castle and does not understand and adhere to the above safety stipulations, it could cause the client to have an unsatisfactory experience and returning the jumping castle.  The company is then allowed to offer this used jumping castle for sale to another client.

It is then the duty of the inflatable company’s representatives however to, when a used jumping castle is hired or purchased, discuss, demonstrate and explain the following vital procedures and terms to the client:

  • To do a demonstration on the importance of adult supervision and the lack thereof.
  • To explain the procedure to identify and train the user to manage any hazardous situations regarding blower failure or dangerous factors to children.
  • To maintain a checklist for dangers and hazards associated with the daily use of the used jumping castle for sale.
Rainbow Inflatables are known to be the most reputable inflatable company in South Africa and along with manufacturing our own jumping castles make sure that we follow strict maintenance and safety checks when it comes to our range of used jumping castles for sale in Gauteng.  Feel free to phone us at (016) 454-8204 for our vast array of quality used jumping castles for sale.